Balungao Hilltop and Zipline Adventure

The Province of Pangasinan offers Balungao Hilltop Adventure which has the longest ZipLine in Region I.

Balungao Pangasinan is very nice place and take note: it has a hot spring and cold spring. Because of its beauty, we can consider Balungao as a gift of nature. Local officials from Balungao developed their place in order to add this town on the tourism map of Pangasinan. They joined together and developed the hot and cold spring into a resort. Plus, they add zipline adventure and motor- cycling adventure using Quad Bike. So you can enjoy many exciting activities when you visit the place.

Your zipline adventures in Balungao Pangasinan will surely one of your unforgettable experiences from the rest of your life. Zipline ride offers you a view of villages, extinct Mt. Balungao, and flowing hot and cold spring.